Friday, April 23, 2010

UN Commission report on murder of Benazir Bhutto

The black bullet-proof Mercedes-Benz car was the first to leave the parking
area. It is not clear how much distance there was between this vehicle and the rest of Ms Bhutto’s convoy at the moment of the blast. Credible reports range from 100
meters to 250 meters. Some of those in the car said that they were close enough to
Ms Bhutto’s vehicle to feel the impact of the blast. Others at the site of the blast have said that the Mercedes-Benz left Liaquat Bagh so quickly that it was nowhere to be seen when the blast occurred. Indeed, the Commission has not seen this vehicle in
the many video images of the exit area it reviewed. Despite the acknowledgement of
some occupants of the vehicle that they felt the impact of the blast, the Commission finds it incredible that they drove all the way to Zardari House, a drive of about 20
minutes, before they became aware that Ms Bhutto had been injured in the blast.
They should have stopped at a safe distance when they felt the blast so as to check on Ms Bhutto’s condition, the condition of her vehicle and whether the back-up vehicle was required. Indeed, as the back-up vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz car would have been an essential element of Ms Bhutto’s convoy on the return trip even if the
occupants of that car had confirmed that Ms Bhutto had been unscathed in the attack.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My interview with Mahatir Mohammad on BBC

Watch it on the following link

Friday, April 2, 2010

Capacity building Seminar by SCOPE at Dreamland Islamabad.

On the invitation of coordinator Mahjabeen Khan, chairman SDAWP participated in this event. Khalid Hussain played an important role in successful conduction of this seminar. It lasted for two days.

WORLD WATER DAY 2010 at Best Western Islamabad

On the invitation of PWP chairman SDAWP participated in the celebrations on 22nd March,2010. All big names from the country partnership were present in the event. Sardar Asif Ahmed, minister of education was the chief guest. Mr. Naseer Gillani invited my comments on water crisis in my area. The event lasted for one day.

We invite all stakeholders on one forum to unite local with global


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