Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Environmental degradation

SDAWP had a wonderful environment before partition in 1947 but brutal cutting of vegetation turned it into a wasteland. Lack of requisite rain has caused the area to get extremely hot during summer, 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Visted PWP ( Headquarter) Islamabad

On the call of Brig. Aslam (Rtd.)Director PWP visited PWP Headquarter at I/8-2 St.22, H.710 Islamabad. Met with Dr. Parvez Amir and Brig. Aslam. It was very informative meeting. They liked my 9 Verified Certificates of Accomplishment from world renowned universities and promised to post them on They also committed some funds for nurseries in command area. Meeting lasted for two hours.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Farmer's Training at Gara Mohabat and Potah

SDAWP arranged series of Farmer's Trainings at Gara Mohabat, Gara Jehan Khan, Potah and Kulachi. It found that drinking water was of prime importance. Humans and animals were drinking water from the same ponds in these villages. SDAWP requested technical help from Pakistan Water Partnership. Chairman PWP deputed Mr. Karamat and Dr. Parvez Amir to pay a visit to this area who promised technical and financial help. Mr. Amraiz Mansoor was asked to install 5 Bio-sand Water filter units in these villages. He successfully installed them on 28th November 2014.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Southern Districts Area Water Partnership Sustainable Farmer’s Training at Gara Mohabat and Potah OCTOBER 2014 ACTIVITIES On 20th October, 2014 SDAWP arranged and conducted farmer’s training at Gara Mohabat and Potah, two water scared villages of its command area. The event highlighted disaster in the waiting. Due to construction of Gomal Dam, old Rodhkohi system was blocked and population living in villages suffered. No water to drink and no water for cultivation. Gomal Damn contractors have completed very small distributaries passing through these villages are still waiting for water. Without warabandi; people living in these areas will suffer. The work can be done in days but corrupt Mafia sits on a matter of life and death. Even though government of the country is signatory to Millennium Development Goals but on ground it is completely absent from the scene in these dry lands that need serious attention at higher level. Southern Districts Area Water Partnership recommends earth moving machinery to level land and manage water resources for alleviation of poverty, ignorance and diseases. Improved budgetary allocations by provincial and federal government can help. Local finances are devoured by corrupt Mafia that rules villages, towns and the cities.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Sustainable Farmer's Training at Miran by SDAWP

Farmer's Training will take police in Miran Rakh, the southern most area of SDAWP ( Southern Districts Area Water Partnership) on 20th October 2014 for two days. In focus will be various issues that influence farmer's life. New ideas that can help farmer grow more and earn more to become responsible guardian of human race. Anybody related with agriculture can participate. Participants will receive certificates after completion of the training. Student community is encouraged to enhance their studies. We shall also discuss related technology. Our mission is to create heroes of the future.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Decision Support System

INTEGRATED WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Due to lack of science culture in Pakistan our education produced scholastic and pedagogical experts in the field of water and energy. Merit in the country is based on seniority. Governments in the past employed brainless people on key positions. Politicians have sold official positions to the highest bidder. Water and energy sector suffered heavily. Apathy towards an issue of life and death demands global intervention. Problem with global partners is that they seek powerful financial organizations in local market. SDAWP wants to establish 7 DSS; Decision Support Systems as recommended by Global Water Partnership.

Southern Districts Area Water Partnership

We invite all stakeholders on one forum to unite local with global


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